Club restructure for the future

Reserve team announced.

The club will  be represented in the newly formed Qatar community league with its full support to Qatarcalona.
The quality of the squad is so in depth all players need game time and this is the perfect opportunity to accomplish that.

This is a major step in supporting a second string who will be invaluable to the first team this season. This ensures the club is evolving into a fully functional club that can compete at the highest level here in Doha.

The club are also delighted to welcome Simon Pratt as development coach. Simon is a UEFA A coach who has had major roles as director and first team coach of Newport county and academy liaisons in coaching and development with Aberdeen and Montrose.

The club welcomes back Kennie Gammie who is seasoned in Doha and knows the set up and players inside out, the club are delighted to have him back on board in what is hoped for a huge season.